Small Business Courses & Groups

Virtual Mastermind Group

Stop trying to go it alone! Join a community of thriving small business owners!

The Small Business Collaborative is your continuing education, sounding board, accountability partner, and village all rolled into one. This is your place to ask questions & get answers that will cut through the noise and help you grow your business.

1:1 Coaching Sessions. Group Coaching Sessions. Unlimited Online Support. Curated Content Library. Weekly Tips for Business Growth. Weekly Success Sessions. Monthly Planning Sessions. And More…

Free Facebook Group

Need a place to bounce around some ideas? A group of women who are in the trenches with us – who support us, who encourage us, and who share their wisdom with us.

Looking for a group of women who know what it means to build their business from the ground up and to take on the financial risks (and rewards) of ownership.

Whether you are just getting started or are a long-time entrepreneur, we’re glad you are here. Jump in and get the conversation going. Ask questions. Share your wisdom.

Free Course: Regain Your Focus

Are you a small business owner who is pulled in more directions than you can even imagine? Do you have your hand in very single part of your business?

Maybe you’ve let go of some of the work, but still feel overwhelmed with just how much you have to do each day…each week…each year.

Need a little help figuring out how to prioritize your work and focus on the things that matter most? Explore the 4 big questions that help you regain your focus and eliminate the things that do not serve you. Get focused on the things that matter most.

How To Create Marketing Copy That Sells

Writing catchy marketing copy is hard…especially if you’ve never learned how to do it. Many small business owners have never been taught what to write and how to get their customers excited about doing business with them.

Fortunately, the most common problems have simple solutions. And we’ve compiled some of the best advice about writing marketing copy for small businesses into this course!

If you’re ready to attract more potential clients. Then take the challenge!

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