MEntoring & Consulting


Mentoring combines the best of consulting and coaching practices and focuses on helping you get the results that matter to you.

No gimmicks here. No promises of quick cash.  No big groups to join.

Just you + me.

Strategic thinking. Best practices. Innovation. Hard work.

We’ll focus on the big strategic drivers of growth: brand identity & management, product development & pricing, and marketing & sales strategy.


You’ve been thinking about taking on that next big project. You know, the one that’s going to launch the next growth phase of your business. The one that will help you over the next hurdle you face and make your operations run so much more smoothly.

BUT…you haven’t been able to get it started (or finished). And it’s understandable – running a small business is BUSY. You’re pulled in multiple, different directions – all the time.

You need a strategy that is simple and effective. A strategy that drives you forward and delivers on your dreams.

Chief Marketing Officer

Growing small businesses with $1 – 10 million in annual revenues are frequently ready for a chief marketing executive but don’t always have the work volume or cash to bring someone on full-time.

A C-Level executive leading sales & marketing (and possibly product development) efforts can accelerate growth, reduce time & cost to customer acquisition, improve internal & external communication and bolster the company’s brand & reputation.

Let’s face it – lots of results matter, but at the stage of your business, the most important result is increased revenue.

Problem Solving Sessions

Are you stuck? Do you have a problem or two that you’d really like to solve, but you haven’t quite figured out the solution…yet?

We can help! Our Problem Solving Sessions are designed to help you get unstuck and moving forward. We’ll focus on actionable and practical solutions that are designed to get results fast.

What are you waiting for? We’ll generate several ideas and evaluate each based on how easy it is to implement and the likelihood of success. You’ll leave your Problem Solving Session with a clear action plan.

Strategic Planning Sessions

Strategic planning can be intimidating. The mere mention of it evokes groans and stories about ineffective & unusable plans from years past. Stop the vicious cycle of building elaborate plans that never get used.

From the simple to the complex, The Strategy Mentor can lead you (and your team) through the process of identifying your strategic priorities, assessing your assets & opportunities, developing actionable plans, and agreeing to outcomes metrics.

The Strategy Mentor specializes in creating collaborative, easy-to-follow plans that make a real difference in your business.

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