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Are you about to launch a new business or in your first year of operations? Still building an audience or tweaking your business model?

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You’ve gotten past the ups & downs of the startup phase. Now you’re ready to move from a making a modest income to earning real money.

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You’ve mastered the art of running a small business. Now you’re ready to expand your reach & move from making a profit to building wealth.

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Do these small business problems sound familiar?


I have a great story to tell, but no one is listening. How do I differentiate myself from my competition? When I tell people about my business, they don’t always understand what I do or what makes me different. Sometimes I wonder who my customers are and how they are finding me. I don’t know what makes customers buy from me.

Reputation Management...

How do I get people to see what an expert I truly am? Or how great my product is? My online reviews aren’t as good as I’d like. How do I fix that? I’d love to be featured in the media, but don’t know where to start. I’d like to offer classes or give speeches but haven’t found any opportunities. People don’t really know about my business, what I’m doing, or who I am.


How do I launch my new business? I have a great idea, but can’t get any traction. How do I help my business grow faster? I’ve gotten lucky so far, but now I need a plan. How do I develop strategic partnerships? Or attract investors? What’s the best exit strategy for me?

Product Development...

I have a great idea for a new product/service but don’t know how to make it happen. My next product is going to be huge. How do I launch it successfully? I need to stop selling a product/service but have customers who depend on it. How do I discontinue it? I’m ready for my company to expand and want to offer a new product line but need help making it happen.


How do I attract more customers? I have a great social media following, but they aren’t buying from me. I develop marketing & product plans without talking to my customers first. Help! I’ve never built a marketing plan before. How do I know what my customers really think about me?


I’m too dependent on a single client for my revenue. How do I fill up my sales pipeline? I have lots of people interested, but not enough people buying I need to raise my rates, but my customers don’t agree. Until now, my product has sold itself, but now I need a sales process.

We specialize in small business growth.

Connect with other small business owners

The Small Business Collaborative is an online community designed for small business owners who want to accelerate their growth and increase their profits. It’s your continuing education, sounding board, accountability partner, and village all rolled into one. This is your place to ask questions & get answers that will cut through the noise and help you grow your business. Join for a month or stay as long as you like. $50/month.

No gimmicks.

Just…Good Strategy. Innovative Thinking. Best Practices. Hard Work.

The Best Thing

The Strategy Mentor’s service is the best thing that I never knew I needed! Maggie led me through all the marketing and branding stuff – step-by-step.

Victoria, Creator-In-Chief @ Subversive Textiles

Teacher & Leader

Maggie is professional, organized, thoughtful, supportive-everything you could want in a teacher and leader.

Timika, Owner-Operator @ Lice Clinics of America

Blown Away

I am blown away at Maggie’s simple, yet “ah- ha moment giving approach.” She was able to open my eyes to something I had never thought of before.

Sara, Author & Coach

Simply Awesome

Maggie is very intuitive about branding and strategy. She’s simply awesome!

Debi, CEO & CPA

Real Strides

Strip away the busy work that doesn’t accomplish your goals and start making real strides in your business. Maggie has helped me take hard steps forward.

Stephanie, CEO & Therapist @ Wings of Liberty

Intense Focus

An intense focus on idea generation and problem-solving, guided by a knowledgeable, supportive expert. I cannot recommend it enough!

Victoria, CEO @ Sumo Peanut

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